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Bambix - Blleding In A Box
Macho Prince of Letters Norman Mailer died
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Turbostaat - Vormann Leiss
Jingo De Lunch - The Independent Years 1987-1989
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War in the Congo and Sum 41’s Experience
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Strung Out
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Milemarker, Muff Potter, Analena, Heaven Shall Bur | Mannheim / JuZ Radix Festival | 22.09.2001

Looking back at yesterday's wondeful event, I can only gratulate the guys from the vegan radix mailorder. Well done, guys, great line-up, nice [...]
Author: David

The Slackers | Heidelberg / Schwimmbad | 20.09.2001

Once again...The Slackers! I guess there’s no other band I’ve seen as often playing live as them. As always I wasn’t [...]
Author: David

The World Inferno Friendship Society, Eniac | Mannheim / JuZ | 13.09.2001

God damnit, what a fucking hell of an evening! Arriving at the JuZ completely exhausted and wet by a fucking thunderstorm - remeber riding [...]
Author: David

The Locust, Good Clean Fun | Mannheim / JuZ | 11.09.2001

I was anxious to see the Locust again, who have turned out to become the secretly hyped superstars. And this was just the immage they [...]
Author: David

Plea For Peace Tour: Hot Water Music, Cave In, Th | The Nation/ Washington, DC | 03.09.2001

Please welcome our new writer hunter who will constantly keep us updated with gig reviews from DC. Here goes his review: I wasn’t sure [...]
Author: David

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